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Hello from a DC WEDDING DJ

Hi, my name is Derek Entrekin. I am primarily a wedding DJ, but I have performed at many private events over the past 15+ years that I’ve been a professional DJ. It has been a wild ride. I love using my experience to help my clients with what is usually one of the most important days of their lives. I choose to collaborate with my clients to help take any stress away.

Want to see my e-brochure or maybe hear some of my mixes/remixes/sets?


When looking at weddings, typically budgeting 10% for entertainment is ideal. Consider this… Not only will your put in 8+ hours the day of your wedding, but you will meet him or her a few of times for about an hour each time. Plus, if your DJ is like me, he or she will build a custom playlist for each wedding which is the better part of the two days prior to your wedding. The end result makes your day awesome if done right.


0489(1)I am a Type A character with a passion for just having fun. I love lists and organization, but not more than humor. I like to laugh and keep it loose on the microphone while also not inserting myself on the mic too much during the dancing. I’m comfortable not saying anything during the dancing which many of my clients prefer. I don’t take it personally. This allows me to focus on what I genuinely love to do … mix music and get people showing off their dance moves.

Having introductions at your wedding? I will phonetically spell them out and practice them with you. I will butcher some of them while we are planning the event, but not the day of the wedding. I had my wedding DJ do that at my wedding (we can talk about that later), and I’m not doing that to anyone else.


0157(3)Knowing what song to play to get people to dance is the natural part. There will always be songs that are hot and that the whole family loves to dance to. Most DJs can do this. The key lies in knowing what to play next to keep the party going. How do you get the dance floor full and keep it full?

Should we take a breather and slow down the pace or should we push ourselves towards a more insane dance party? Every song I ask this of myself. Staying in the present song with an eye to the next is where I love to live in mixing.


If you feel like I might be a good fit for your event , then contact me below so we can get the ball rolling. There’s a more we should discuss to make sure you are getting what you hope for and I’ll take you through all that stuff. For now, let’s get the ball rolling. Talk to you soon.