I help couples that are searching for a modern take on wedding entertainment by creating tailored experiences based on hundreds of previous weddings as well as their personal music tastes so they can enjoy their party.

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first dances i love ...

baby, i love you | ARETHA FRANKLIN

lovin' you, baby | CHARLES BRADLEY


morning light | TIMBERLAKE + KEYS

Everyone is good at something and I found out that DJing was my thing around turning 23. It was a way to express myself and party with friends, but I found myself getting an endorphine rush making other people happy. I loved it and I was hooked.

I began taking on private events after the bar and club scene got old. I gravitated towards weddings because I could connect with my clients in a whole new way that was deeper and way more rewarding. My mixing skills, knowledge of reading a crowd, and some strategic training on public speaking all played well for the reception’s dance floor.

Derek was the definition of above and beyond… his timelines, his personality, his adaptability, and his playlists are what dreams are made of. We had a lit cast of vendors led by him, and he pulled off last minute changes and adjustments like a champ. Planning with him was everything my type A soul needed, and we couldn’t recommend a better DJ. Do yourself a favor…

Caitlin Macauley Riggins

November 2019

You want someone that gets you and creates from there

Doing the same thing over and over feels boring to most people, but it can make me down right depressed. That’s why I put my energy into creating something unique to your wedding based on what you already love. 

This means that I immerse myself into your favorite artists and build playlists for every moment that your guests are present because proper DJing involves more than the dance time. It requires attention to detail.

Hiring Derek was one of the best decisions we made through the entire wedding process. His personality and knowledge of the wedding/DJ business was incredible. He led us through the entire process without missing a STEP. He was quick to respond and offered wedding advice from his wide range of ceremony & reception experiences He made sure every detail was perfect from the music, to the ceremony coordination, to the pronunciation of the wedding party names and announcements. I am being completely honest when I say, Derek kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night. If you went to sit down or get a drink you missed an amazing song. All our guests afterwards were raving about his abilities. I could go on for hours about how special Derek made our day.

Katie | Bride

Included Services


Your taste in music should come through at your wedding. During your consultations, we will create the perfect playlist.

Master of Ceremonies

Announcements and engagement may be needed to keep your guests informed, but I talk only if it enhances the moment.

Online Planning Tools

Great events begin with planning which is why we will have multiple meetings to discover how to enhance your vision.

Collaborative Meetings

When we meet, we will get to explore the music you love as well as establish preferences for how I engage your guests. We can also brainstorm new ideas based on my experiences.


Most frequent questions and answers

My price for weddings and private events begins at $4,000 for eight hours of coverage which includes the option for separate locations such as a ceremony, cocktail area, dinner, dancing, and after-party.

The main reason we should collaborate on your wedding is that you buy into me and I buy into you. That’s the only way this works in my opinion. At least, that’s the only way to make events that I want to be a part of.

My clients tend to fall into a few categories and if you identify as one of these, then we should talk. 


If you have found the same vibe from most DJs you’ve read up on, met, or you were referred to, then chances are they provide the same things in generally the same way.


Nothing against people who love line dances, but for those of us that don’t like them, they trigger a feeling of boredom. I’ve danced to them and I’ll even play them, but I won’t ever volunteer them as one of my go-to songs. It breaks a moral code of mine.


I believe that food, alcohol, flowers, linen schemes, uplighting, nor pictures make a party. I think they can enhance a party, but rarely do you see people dancing to silence and a meal. Music uplifts the spirits and directs the energy. Music can make a room feel warm on a cold night and can make you dance completely sober. I believe that music is the soul of your party and my clients tend to agree.


It takes software like Spotify to play songs from a playlist and fade in between them. There’s even advanced software that can mix songs on beat.

It still takes a DJ that can read a crowd to see if the floor needs to add more energy or a slower break. Or ask questions like are people enjoying this genre? Who’s dancing and who’s not? What songs are left on the Must Play list? Is this mix short needing to be short because the song is getting a bit stale or is everyone singing every word and this song deserves to be played to the end?

Balancing BPM, song key, artist selection, requests coming in, time remaining before the next special event, and more are always going through my head. This is a craft that requires experience and a passion to perform in order to deliver high-quality events.


I prefer the professional L1 series from Bose. This includes the L1 Model 2 with a B2 sub plus additional L1 compacts for wireless coverage. The system is discreet and projects the music in a clean yet powerfully rich fashion.



My DJ controller preference is Traktor which tends to lean towards EDM mixing vs scratching which I do not do. If you want scratch effects, though, my team can deliver. It just won’t be me doing the mixing.

Yes, and then some. While I prefer to work close to home to get back to my family, I also travel across the country to perform at various private events.

When I travel far enough from home, I’ll cover my own expenses including room, rental car, flights, etc. If I choose to take on the event, it is because I want to work it enough that I’m willing to eat the costs. Plus, it’s easier on you.

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