What to expect from your DJ

There are a few people that I’ve met over the years that worry about the DJ they are hiring for their wedding because they have seen (or only heard about) a lousy DJ. But what is a bad experience to one (song selection or messing up names) may not be a bad experience to someone else.┬áIt sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out.

Through my years of speaking with hundreds of couples per year, I’ve heard some responses to questions that positively caught me off guard. Such as someone saying that if the DJ they paid to come to their wedding didn’t show up that their day wouldn’t be ruined. I was told once that a couple had been to 10 weddings for friends and family over the past year, saw 9 DJs, and didn’t see one they wouldn’t hire as in they just didn’t really notice anything distinctive.

Why did this catch me off guard? Why would someone not care about the things that I cared about seem so out of this world? I think it was because I was younger and I thought that of course there was a specific way of thinking about these situations. Time has taught me, though, that when we say people are unique, then we must accept our differences as individual truths and not faults.

I believe in Love of all types. I think in my value as a family member, friend, and DJ. I think, though, that not all people are better off with me as their DJ. It was a humbling thought for someone that regularly saw flaws in other people’s DJ skills.

This all led me to understand the underlying expectation each couple should have for their wedding or special event DJ. Your DJ should be tuned into what you want and capable of delivering your music in the way you like to experience it.

Simple, but often looked over.

We match ourselves to each other online, match ourselves to our careers after years of schooling, match ourselves to our friends through trial and error, so why not go through some matching process to find the right DJ?

ADVICE: Interview your DJ, ask for music or videos if it is important to you, and listen to people you trust for thoughtful┬áreferrals. You’ll be happy with the result.


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