Trust in Your Vision – Some Simple Advice

How we doubt ourselves from time to time. It is easy to fall into the trap of looking left or right when we should keep our eye on the prize and move straight towards that goal. This is a truth in most of what we do in life and planning your wedding adheres to this rule.

So, how can you be swayed away from your vision, you might ask. Easily, unfortunately. The culprits are usually the ones you love the most as they share their visions for what your day “should” be and what you “should” include. But, this day, if there was ever one in your life, is your day. A day that you can compose from beginning to end is a day that you should trust in what you want above all.

You do not have to create the whole day as you do not have to design your home decor, But, give in to your wishes and your desires. Visuals are what many people consider, but allow me to help you with the audible atmosphere.

Music, to me, touches the soul and can help create different moods throughout your day. We can collaborate on your ceremony and your dinner. We can build a dance set comprising of your favorite tunes or those focused on your guests. But, we can do so much more.

Consider waking up to a playlist that makes you smile and anticipate the day. Songs meant to relax while getting ready with your friends and family. We can explore an after-party that allows your closest friends to enjoy a modern, youthful time together. You can even create a personal space that becomes a moment you will remember the rest of your life with you and your partner once you arrive together alone.

Your music can become a soundtrack to your entire day; beginning to end. I can help you create such a day. Consider working with me on such a venture and I will do my best to create these memories.

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