Avoid The Biggest Wedding Music Mistake

What is this mistake that skyrocketed to the top of my MISTAKE LIST?

How can you even make a mistake on your wedding? It’s your wedding and whatever you choose is going to be the correct selection, right? Yes and no.

The mistake is not so much in the music selections you make or the timing that you choose for your songs. The mistake lies not in playing an edited or original version of an explicit song. In fact, the song you play is not the biggest mistake despite me encouraging people to always be themselves including their personal song selections.

No, this mistake lies in the fact that music can sometimes take the center stage on your wedding day. Wait, what? Aren’t you a DJ so shouldn’t music be the pinnacle of the event per you? To that, I respond simply, no.

There are so many more important things happening on your wedding day including laughing, eating, crying, giving vows, drinking shots, taking pictures, kissing, hugging, thanking, and on and on. Music enhances all of those moments, but the music on its own cannot create those moments.

NO, this BIG mistake is very simple and often overlooked. Some people have a predisposition to avoiding this mistake, but not without effort as it is human nature for most of us to make this mistake. This basic mistake can devastate your wedding day and the memories you have of one of the most meaningful 24 hours in your life. I’m not f-ing around here, either.

What is it? WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT?!?!?

Okay, okay. Geesh.

The mistake is … Not being in the present on your wedding day.

No, I don’t mean you skipped town because of cold feet because I believe that you are probably doing the right thing albeit a bit late in the game if you are leaving. What I mean to say is that we as humans have a tendency to dwell on the past or look forward to the future while neglecting the present moment.

Stay focused on the here and now so that you can embrace the joy and love each moment brings. When the girls arrive for breakfast and go through the makeup process, appreciate it. When the guys crack open a beer with you while you are sliding into your suit, focus on the way it feels to have your boys together, some may have never met one another, in the same room at the same time. When you see each other for the first time, of course, love it and soak it up.

But don’t forget to love walking somewhere holding your wife’s hand even if it’s in a hallway that doesn’t look perfect. Don’t lose sight of the beauty of each moment whether it be the car ride from the church or the raindrops cleaning the air around you. The humidity that makes the dress you chose hang heavy or the botched toast were all meant to happen and it’s okay to laugh at them.

Above all, please remember that this is one day in a string of thousands of days in front of you that we are celebrating as a new beginning just like the birth of a child. Celebrate the emotion you feel and revel in the amazement of each and every moment. No doubt, this day we celebrate will soon pass, but if you truly stay present then your memories will last a lifetime.

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