Clients I Love

The clients that draw me in are the ones that honestly love music. Yes, it’s a party, and I’ll get people dancing, but do you cherish music? Is it a part of your life? Do you mark your memories by songs or genres of music you grew through? Do you want that music imprinted on your wedding because that music is a reflection of who you are or were? Do you want to also respect your partner’s music and not make it all about you because you are joining into one? My clients say yes to these questions.

I also love to work with clients that are moved by music. They respect the musicians and the feeling that comes with the “Oh my God, I forgot this song” and “I love it” moments. My clients tend to be open to new suggestions that break away from the mold of traditional weddings and parties to create an event that is theirs. In fact, most of my clients are not looking for the typical wedding DJ.


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