Top 40 songs are the thread that links most people at weddings. Through the years, while some songs turn us off, most people will dance to songs from the favorite list because it’s easy to dance to what you know. This is why many dance sets at weddings will include pop music. So, yes. I know pop music with my focus from the 80s to today.

Regarding other genres, I feel very comfortable within the 80s – Today’s Alternative, Indie, Punk, Ska, 90s to 2000s Hip Hop/Rap, 2000s to 2010s EDM, 90s to Today’s R&B, mid-20th century Blues, American Standards (ie. Sinatra, Ella, Louis), as well as 2010s to Today Americana.

I’ve played Country and International Music (Arabic/Latin/Soca/Jewish/Indian), but these are in no way my forte. In fact, if you need more than a few of these songs, I suggest providing them for me. I’ll be happy to create mixes with songs from the genres listed above which I have done on many occasions. However, if these musical styles are essential to your event, then I’m not your guy.


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