I charge $4,000 for 6 hours which consists of music and Master of Ceremonies duties plus a two hour after-party. My time can be split among any combination of the following:

Wedding | Ceremony | Cocktail | Dinner | Dancing | After-Party

Private Event | AV Management | Cocktail | Dinner | Dancing

Is $4,000 too much to cover your entire wedding?

Only if we are not a great fit, but consider this … Most weddings in the DC area have budgets around $35,000 total which includes venue, food, dress, invitations, honeymoon, etc. Entertainment should be around 10% of your total wedding budget (see The Knot’s budget guide) which puts the average wedding entertainment budget at $3,500. Take the average for what it’s worth, though, as we are not all the same. That is why I encourage my clients to make sure that we are a good fit first. Honestly, if I charged $500 and we were not a good fit, then that’s $500 wasted.

My services include an all Bose speaker system, Traktor DJ controller, pro-level mics/wiring, and other equipment that the vast majority of weddings in the area need. That means I can cover your sound for your ceremony, cocktail, dinner, and dancing even if they are all in separate rooms. You won’t have to think of any of the “what-ifs” when you book me. I just prefer to take that stress of your plate.


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