Music Examples


Music Examples

Looking for some mix examples? I would to if I was looking for a DJ. So, here are some quick examples. There’s a lot more to me than these mixes, but I think you’ll get a great idea as to what I offer. Check it out…

pop sandwich example

Artists tend to have their own style, obviously, which means that playing their songs in the same set can have a comfortable feel especially if those songs are off the same album which means they have the same producer. You may hear some DJs including me play them back to back in a quick mix (only a chorus or two are played), but I also like sandwich or bracket the songs around another artist’s record. This one is a mix of two Maroon 5 songs (Girls Like You/What Lovers Do) around a Taylor Swift song (Delicate):

american & latin pop mix

New mixes are always favorites with younger crowds, but don’t tend to fly with the older guests (unless they are super hip which happens quite a bit more than most people think). Here is a Latin Pop mix that I recently put together.

hip hop mix

Looking for some Hip Hop? This is a remix I made of some 2000s Hip Hop with an explicit version of Biggie which I don’t play unless specifically requested by clients.

remix example

Personal remixed songs are a great way to put your signature on your event. Are you looking for a favorite song that is turned up a bit with a new beat? I can do that. I can also remix special dances like group dances, acapellas & instrumentals, and more.

edm versions of pop songs

EDM is a popular style for dancing when we get to the end of the night. Here is example of some electronic music mixed with Top 40. I can do this with most genres.


Like what you heard or want to explore something specific to your taste? Let’s get in touch…

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