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Music Examples

      Music Examples Looking for some mix examples? I would to if I was looking for a DJ. So, here are some quick examples. There’s a lot more to me than these mixes, but I think you’ll get a great idea as to what I offer. Check it out… pop sandwich example Artists tend to have their own style, obviously, which means … Read More Music Examples

Genres That Groove Me

Top 40 songs are the thread that links most people at weddings. Through the years, while some songs turn us off, most people will dance to songs from the favorite list because it’s easy to dance to what you know. This is why many dance sets at weddings will include pop music. So, yes. I know pop music with my focus from the 80s … Read More Genres That Groove Me

Clients I Love

The clients that draw me in are the ones that honestly love music. Yes, it’s a party, and I’ll get people dancing, but do you cherish music? Is it a part of your life? Do you mark your memories by songs or genres of music you grew through? Do you want that music imprinted on your wedding because that music is a reflection of … Read More Clients I Love


PRICE I charge $3,000 for 6 hours which consists of music and Master of Ceremonies duties. My time can be split among any combination of the following: Wedding | Ceremony | Cocktail | Dinner | Dancing | After-Party Private Event | AV Management | Cocktail | Dinner | Dancing Is $3,000 too much to cover your entire wedding? Only if we are not a great … Read More Pricing

Who I Am

Hi, my name is Derek Entrekin. I am a wedding and private event DJ with over 15 years experience now. It has been a wild ride. I love using my experience to help my clients with what is usually one of the most important days of their lives. I choose to collaborate with my clients to help take any stress away. When I work … Read More Who I Am

Avoid The Biggest Wedding Music Mistake

What is this mistake that skyrocketed to the top of my MISTAKE LIST? How can you even make a mistake on your wedding? It’s your wedding and whatever you choose is going to be the correct selection, right? Yes and no. The mistake is not so much in the music selections you make or the timing that you choose for your songs. The mistake lies … Read More Avoid The Biggest Wedding Music Mistake

Trust in Your Vision – Some Simple Advice

How we doubt ourselves from time to time. It is easy to fall into the trap of looking left or right when we should keep our eye on the prize and move straight towards that goal. This is a truth in most of what we do in life and planning your wedding adheres to this rule. So, how can you be swayed away from your … Read More Trust in Your Vision – Some Simple Advice

Stop listening to everyone else and create the perfect playlist for your wedding …

I was preparing to get married about 5 years ago and it was an amazing feeling. I dreamt of my wedding day constantly. No lie. Dreams. They really ramped up the closer we got to our big day as the plans Jeannie and I had been making for some time were now falling into place. The music portion of our wedding experience was obviously … Read More Stop listening to everyone else and create the perfect playlist for your wedding …

How soon should I book my DJ?

This is a question that many people ask about all their vendors and it can be stressful. It shouldn’t be, though. The answer to this question is so simple that many people are underwhelmed when I give it to them and then immediately put at ease. Answer: You should book your DJ when you find the DJ you connect with on all your key … Read More How soon should I book my DJ?

What to expect from your DJ

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