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My goal above all is to throw down the fun, the crazy, the hype, the energy, the dang reason you’re hiring me when we get the dance floor open. Notice my focus is not to talk as Derek rocks that mic. The dude is funny and he flows seamlessly between high-stress moments. But I’m the dude that brings the boom to the party.

I party. You?

My philosophy is hopefully clear by now. I love to party with my friends and that’s what we are going to do. We will hang, create playlists, I’ll make some custom mixes; it’ll be dope.

I hail from San Diego, Cali which is probably why I’m chill with things. I bring that sunny love your way just like I have for hundreds of clients at clubs. Mixing is part of dancing and you should probably ask for mixes when looking for your party starter. 

Derek was the definition of above and beyond… his timelines, his personality, his adaptability, and his playlists are what dreams are made of. We had a lit cast of vendors led by him, and he pulled off last minute changes and adjustments like a champ. Planning with him was everything my type A soul needed, and we couldn’t recommend a better DJ. Do yourself a favor…

Caitlin Macauley Riggins

November 2019

This 'getting the mix right' thing feels natural our way of doing it

While you guys and Derek lock this thing down in your meetings, we are going to have the fun stuff. Getting to know you, making your mixes live, creating space, and locking down timing; this is how everything feels so well produced. 

The best part is that you relax this whole time just going with the flow that I’m making. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before and what I can tell you is that you’re going to just love it.

Included Services


We look at your favorite music no matter the genre. If you love it, then there is a way to weave it into your wedding while still getting everyone hype. We will figure that stuff out because that's why you chose us.

Online Planning Tools

The planning tools you complete with Derek are my tools, as well. Any updates I make, he will see. Keeping in-touch with less stress is awesome and that just means more fun for us.

Collaborative Meetings

Our time together is definitely a giving scenario. The more we talk about, the more I know about your tastes which directly influences my mixes, planned sets, and unique 'for you' songs. I falconize.


Most frequent questions and answers

Since I focus on mixing as where I find my joy, I prefer to work in our team environment. We take on roles that enhance those around us because notable events are the goal.

The TREK team works so well together and that’s why we do this. We have a chemistry that once you recognize it, you stick with it.

If you are interested in booking me only, though, then my price for weddings and private events begins at $4,000 for eight hours with coverage for separate locations such as a ceremony, cocktail area, dinner, dancing.

Yep, it’s the same price as Derek starts at, too. We are both good that way.


Yeah, it’s different. Derek and I met while working at a company in DC and we just hit it off. The travel is actually fun as I don’t stress on the gear outside of my mixer and laptop. Plus, there’s always a party to go to.

Most people are totally cool with virtual meetings which is how we will be collaborating. It’s so convenient, even if we lived 30 minutes from each other this is how we would meet.

While the sound system is the Bose L1 family, I use the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ for my live sets. It’s got large platters designed for easy scratches and natural mixing while packing an insane amount of effects. 

With this gear, I get to record hi-quality mixes from your wedding that you can relive over and over. It’s pretty dope.

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calls taken 10am – 7pm weekdays

Hometown Wausau, WI

Email derekentrekin@gmail.com

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